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About Brett

BAMWood2 Heroes


Brett Allen Morgan is a talented singer/songwriter who thrives on delivering a dynamic live performance. He brings over 30 years of music industry experience to the stage and has toured all over the U.S. and Canada. His live performances bring HIGH ENERGY & PLENTY OF AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION 

Brett uses his God given gifts and warm personality to really connect with an audience. His high energy meshed with gentle wit coaxes people to flow with the show. Many times they may even find themselves directly involved right on the stage. Whether Mr. Morgan is with a back up band or combining his singing and guitar playing with a “virtual band”, the results are always a toe tapping, hand clapping good time.

Brett is constantly thinking of the future with enthusiasm and excitement. In fact, his mantra states his intentions very clearly; “Your future is all in your mind – THINK ABOUT IT!”   Brett has plans to continue learning and growing by reading and knowing. He expects to continue writing good music and bring smiles to many audiences, as he shares his zest for life from a stage near you!